Listen to sound clips from the 2008 Ansgar Gospel Singers CD

May 26th.:

Look here for a live album!

April 2nd.:

Studio was fun. Probably the CD will be done by the 16th of May gig. See below for an updated concert schedule.

March 27th.:

We're in Sanden Studio now recording the CD. Here are some photos.

March 11th.:

I've uploaded three sound clips from the recordings I did during some of the concerts on our recent tour. Note that these are all AAC files. First, Breakthrough , recorded at Framnes. Then Lord We Rejoice - Glorify the Lord , recorded at Stjørdalen. Last We Give You Glory, recorded at Salem Trondheim.

January 2008:

See photos from the 10-day tour of the Norwegian west coast.

Tentative dates for 2008 are as follows:
Saturday January 19th.: Algeries church of God in Christ, New Orleans
Sunday January 20th.: Franklin Avenue Babtist Church and Algeries Church of God in Christ, New Orleans - See a video and another video from the Franklin Avenue service
Tuesday January 22nd.: Warren Easton High School, New Orleans; and also at the Norwegians Seamens church at night
Thursday January 24th.: Beacon Light missionary Babtist Church, New Orleans
Saturday January 26th.: New Hope Babtist Church, New Orleans
Sunday, January 27th.: Life Center Cathedral, New Orleans
Saturday February 9th.: Eiken
Sunday February 10th.: Søgne
Friday February 29th.: Karmøy
Saturday March 1st.: Arna Kirke
Sunday March 2nd.: Tabernakelet, Bergen
Tuesday March 4th.: Kongshaug at 12:25 and Framnes at 20:00
Wednesday March 5th.: Sula Frikirke
Friday March 7th.: KVT at 09:40 and Stjørdal Misjonsmenighet at 22:00
Saturday March 8th: Salem Trondheim

Friday April 4th.: Bore Bedehus, at 22:00
Saturday April 5th.: Randaberg Forsamlingshus, at 20:30
Sunday April 6th.: Stavanger Misjonskirke at 18:00
See photos from these early April gigs.

Sunday April 13th.: Lillesand Frikirke in the morning, Salem Kristiansand in the evening
Saturday May 3rd.: Lyngdal
Friday, May 16th.: Domkirken Kristiansand
Thursday May 22nd.: Øygospel, Flekkerøy
Saturday June 7th.: Graduation ceremony at Ansgar

October 2007:

I am still here at Ansgar, second year now, and I'm still playing bass in the gospel choir. And here are some new tour dates.

Saturday October 27th.: Songe Frikirke
Sunday October 28th.: Betania Skien
See photos from these gigs

Friday November 9th.: Evje
Saturday November 10th.: Hisøy
Sunday November 11th.: Salem Kristiansand

Friday November 30th.: Stathelle
Saturday December 1st.: Oslo Misjonskirke Betlehem
Sunday December 2nd.: Moss Bibelsenter
For some reason the plan changed and we went to Tønsberg instead of Stathelle. But see some photos from these gigs. I recorded them on my Zoom H4 and perhaps I'll upload some of that to here. But not today.

This page is a mess, in case you didn't notice.

In the fall of 2006 I moved to Kristiansand to study music at the Ansgar school. This is sort of a multi-school thing that has a høgskule, a bible school and various theological courses and seminars. I am a student at the høgskule (that is like college, for you Americans).

Here are some photos of my (temporary) home near the campus.

Some photos of the winter snow.

Some photos from the Scandinavian tour 2007 shot with my cell phone camera, so quality is moderate at best.

Ansgar Gospel Choir

Read about the CD - and hear sound clips

There is a choir at this school, compulsory for students at the bible school, and optional for all other students. They're doing very modern sort of gospel songs, in the style of Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Myron Butler, and many others that I hardly know of. It sounds very modern and hip to me, at least, being sort of conservative and old-fashioned myself.

But I've been recruited to play bass in this choir, which ought to be fun: the sort of bass playing required here is quite different from what I've previously been playing. So that's exciting and enlightening work, so far at least.

May 14th.:

This morning Syver (choir conductor) was on the local radio, talking about the imminent concerts featuring Arc Singers from New Orleans. Here it is, in mp3 format for you to download and listen to. It's in Norwegian obviously. There's also a song from the new AGC CD, which is finished now and will be for sale at our concerts. Hopefully I'll be able to give you a track or two for free here... soon.

AGC tour dates, spring 2007

Friday February 16th.: Misjonshuset Kristiansand
Saturday February 17th.: Vennesla
Sunday February 18th.: Grimstad in the morning and then Froland in the evening

Friday March 16th until Sunday the 25th.: Tour of Sweden and Denmark.
Friday 16th., eight o'clock: Ålborg Friskole (Denmark)
Saturday 17th., eight o'clock: Aabenraa (don't know the venue)
Sunday 18th., ten in the morning: Sunday service, Aabenraa (don't know the venue)
Sunday 18th., seven o'clock: København - Vanløse - Bethlehem kirken
Tuesday 20th., two in the afternoon: Malmö Hylliepark folkehøgskole (Sweden)
Wednesday 21st., seven o'clock: Glimåkra Kyrka
Friday 23rd., seven o'clock: Örebro Universitetskirken
Saturday 24th., eight o'clock: Askim frie misjonsmenighet (Norway)
Sunday 25th., eleven in the morning: Sunday service at Nesodden misjonsmenighet
Sunday 25th., seven o'clock: Stavern Kirke

Sunday April 22nd.: Salem Kristiansand

Sunday April 29th.: Randesund misjonsmenighet

Wednesday May 16th.: Domkjerka Kristiasand
Friday May 18th.: IMI Stavanger
Saturday May 19th.: Bergen, location TBA
Sunday May 20th.: TBA

Some photos from the first choir gigs. Shot with my cell phone.

AGC tour dates, fall 2006

Saturday October 21st.: Hægeland, 7:30 pm

Saturday October 28th.: Arendal, Hisøy Kirke, 7:00 pm

Friday November 3rd.: Oslo Misjonskirke
Saturday November 4th.: Gjerpen Misjonskirke
Sunday November 5th.: Bøle Misjonshus in the morning, and Grimstad Frikirke at 7:00 pm

Sunday November 26th.. Hånes Frikirke in the morning, and Salem at 7:00 pm

Friday December 1st.: Farsund Misjonsmenighet
Saturday December 2nd.: Varhaug (sorry, I don't know more than that...)
Sunday Devember 3rd.: Bryne Misjonsmenighet in the morning, and Stavanger Misjonskirke in the evening