The Ansgar Gospel Singers CDs

2008: Get ready for your Miracle

The new CD is just done, it has most of the songs we've been playing at our concerts around the country. You may order it here at the Ansgar web page - at least for now.

And here are some sound clips.... they are about 30 seconds long. MP3 format.

A Move of God featuring Kim on lead vocal
this is the same song, later during the vamp section

Get Ready featuring Ole Jørgen on lead vocal

We give you Glory featuring Andrea on lead vocal

I won't forget featuring Maria on lead vocal

Praise on the inside featuring Elise on lead vocal

Lord we rejoice featuring "special guest" Mari Klingen on lead vocals

The track list of the full CD:
01 Mighty Long Way - Joe Pace
02 A move of God is on the way - Norman Hutchins
03 Get Ready for your Miracle - Norman Hutchins
04 We give You Glory - Andraè Crouch
05 I won't forget - Norman Hutchins
06 Praise on the inside - J. Moss
07 I will bless the Lord - Byron Cage
08 Brokenearted - Kirk Franklin
09 Abundantly - J. Moss
10 Lord we Rejoice - Darwin Hobbs
11 Glorify Him - Darwin Hobbs
12 My Soul doth magnify the Lord - O'landa Draper

2007: Lift Him Up

The Ansgar Gospel Choir usually records a CD every year, as part of the curriculum on the bible/music track. So also this year. We went to the studio just after Easter holidays, the band did all ten tracks in one day, and then the choir did theirs in two days. And another day for various solos and overdubs. Appearently it came out pretty well - especially concidering that it's a school project.

My experience was only with the band (being the bass player) - I was not present at the studio the other days. We had the songs pretty much down as we had toured with the same material just a couple of weeks earlier. So most tracks were nailed on the second take. I used my two six-string bass guitars, and the Roland V-Bass. I used the fretless and fretted about equally much, and various V-bass models: three of my own Vari-Bass models (based on Warwick Thumb, Fodera Emperor and Ken Smith pickup configs) and also the Precision and the Rickenbacker models - and even the upright model on one tune. I'm quite happy with the sound, although it could have been more forward in the mix on some tunes.

Sound Clips

Here are some sound clips I was allowed to publish. All are a bit over a minute long, all are mp3 format 128 kbps bitrate. The least I can do (new!) - Lift Him Up - Where I long to be - Deliver - Bless Me - Lift Jesus - this last one is one of the three tracks on the CD that the Arc Singers from New Orleans recorded. Those guys rock. They visited Norway for a week in May, and while here they recorded those tracks and played a bunch of times.