Ansgar Gospel Choir, live recording 2008

We did two bigger concerts in May of 2008, and I recorded both with my little Zoom H4 recorder. Then I selected the tracks from the concert that I liked best. And I put them together, making a sort of live album. This is designed to be played continously all the way through. There's a bit of talking, but it has been cut down to very little. Sound quality isn't perfect, but in my opinion it's pretty good. The performances aren't perfect either, but some of the enerdy of live performance is captured here. It's the stuff that lacks on the studio album.

Anyway, there are fourteen tracks. All are encoded in 160kbps mp3, named and numbered. All together it's about 90MB in size. Average file size is about 6MB I think. But do get them all.

01 Get Ready

02 Breakthrough

03 Abundantly

04 Brokenhearted

05 My Soul

06 Matthew 28

07 I Will Bless The Lord

08 I Won't Forget

09 We Give You Glory

10 Praise On The Inside

11 Search Me Lord

12 Lord We Rejoice

13 Glorify Him

14 Mighty Long Way