Building the Benavente

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January 13th, 2006:

After almost two months of no updates, I am glad to see that there's some progress.

November 19th.:

This image isn't totally fresh, but here is the bass drying after a coat of finish has been applied. That Amboyna top wood looks interesting, huh?

September 28th.:

The neck and body is glued together.

September 18th.:

The necks are rough carved, see if you can guess which one is mine:

And the body is routed as well. Fascinating top wood, that Amboyna stuff. I wonder why both pickup holes are wide, though. No doubt it'll be cleared up.

Update September 24th.: The pickups have the same size casing, making "slim" and "wide" pickups interchangeable. Very nice. See, I told you it'd be cleared up!

August 20th.:

So, the bodies and necks have been sitting around a while now, and finally something is happening.

That is the headstock of mine - the Amboyna Burl laminate says so.

June 3rd.:

The neck and body has been laminated. Here is a photo (very big) of a lot of glued bodies. Mine is A25, I think (it's way down at the bottom of the pile). Here is one of a lot of necks, again I think A25 is mine.

March 13th, 2005

Got the top wood chosen. It's this piece of Amboyna Burl, delivered by Larry Davis at Gallery Hardwoods. Click for slightly bigger photo. Note that the shape drawn on it isn't the Vortex shape, but rather the Plume Singlecut shape by JP basses in France.