The Conklin bass

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Wether or not this can be called a bass guitar may be debated, but in any case it is made by North American luthier Conklin Guitars, known for extended range instruments - meaning instruments with uncommonly many strings and/or frets.
This particular instrument was made for Al Caldwell in 2002, one of two identical instruments except the other one is white (he kept that one himself).
The bass body is hollow and made of Dragonwood, the neck is laminated from seven pieces of maple and purpleheart and has a rosewood fingerboard. It has two custom Bartolini pickups, and RMC piezo pickups for each string connected to an RMC Poly-Drive circuit. The scale length is 864mm (34"), nut width is 78mm and string spacing at the bridge is 16,75mm.

November 7th., 2007:

I have had the bass for almost a week now, it is absolutely fabulous. Today I took about half an hour in the studio and recorded a short sound clip demo thing, Here it is. Three tracks, no processing except a bit of reverb and some tremolo on the rythm track. And here is another sound clip, only dry piezo sound.

Photos of other Conklin basses