This page last modified: Tuesday June 16, 2009

Bass sound clips

Figured I'd try to collect all the sound clips on this page.

For starters, here are four jingles I made for the youth meetings at our church. Number one, Number two, Number three, Number four. All are mp3 files, approximately thirty seconds long and 600kB in size.

Here is a recording of Preludio fron partita no.3 in E-major, by Johann Sebastian Bach. About 2.5MB, 5 minutes 18 seconds long. Not perfect, but all in one take. Also, here is a video of me playing the same piece. The video is encoded in H.264 format, ready for the iPod, and it's 26.7MB in size.

GR-20 sound clips

These are some demo clips played by me using my Benavente 6-string fretless bass and a Roland GR-20 guitar synthesizer. The GR-20 works by recognizing the notes in the signal from the GR pickup in the bass guitar. On the lower notes there is some delay in this process. The first two clips will show this: they are recorded with the clean bass signal in the left channel, and the synth signal in the right channel. Thus you can get an impression of how slow (or fast) it can work. The delay is percieved to be somewhat different from patch to patch, possibly due to slightly different tracking systems used for different sounds. (some do pitch-bend and some do not) The last clip is stereo mellotron-sound in an attemt to play the "Watcher of the Skies" intro.

The first 2-channel clip. Trombone. 552kB, mp3, stereo.
The second 2-channel clip. Harmonica. 1.1MB, mp3, stereo.
The stereo clip. Mellotron. 1.8MB, mp3, stereo.

August 10th, 2006:

Here is the first sound clip with the new piezo pickups on my Benavente bass. Here. mp3 file, 64kbps, a bit over a minute long.

September 14th, 2006:

And here are the first tastes of the sound from the new Surine 6-string. Magnetic pickup. mp3 file, 320kB. Piezo pickup. mp3 file, 320kB. Piezo pickup again. mp3 file, 300kB.

November 7th, 2007:

Here is a short demo of the new Conklin 9-string bass. It is an improvised blues in C minor, three tracks: bass track using the piezo pickups, melody track using the neck pickup, and chords using the bridge pickup. Recorded using the MOTU 828 interface into a PowerMac G5 with Cubase 4. A bit of reverb added, and some soft tremolo on the rythm track.

November 13th.:

Here is another sound clip this time only piezo pickup, clean and simple. The playing is just noodeling though.

June 16th, 2009:

Some sound clips from the new Warmoth fretless bass.
Fretless noodeling, with piezo pickup only Fretless noodeling, Nordstrand magnetic pickup