This page last modified: Friday August 13, 2010

Warmoth instruments

August 13th., 2010:

Here are some fresh sound clips from the fretless: Here with only the magnetic Nordstrand pickups, first with neck pickup, then bridge, then both, then a bit of EQ tweaking. And here with only the piezo Benavente pickup, EQ flat at first and then towards the end some EQ messing about. Third sound clip has an equal blend of magnetic and piezo with some variation between the magnetics. All files are mp3.

August 12th., 2010:

I shot some photos of the fretless Warmoth Bubinga Behemoth in its finished state. Look here. It has a pair of Nordstrand Fat Stack pickups, a set of Benavente piezo pickups, and a Bartolini 3-band pre-amp. The sound is wonderful. Very even response, long sustain, sweet fretless tone. Particularily the piezo pickups give a velvety lush tone. The magnetic pickups sound fat and powerful, very versatile even without the pre-amp and piezo.

March 4th, 2009:

Here, I have recorded a few sound clips of me noodeling around.
Fretless solo noodeling
Fretted solo noodeling - note that here my bass is tuned A D G C
Fretless and fretted together-like noodeling

My second Warmoth bass

March 4th, 2009:

It has been a good while in waiting, but now the fretless has pickups in it. Nordstrand Big Splits. Very fat sounding. Also it currently has Benavente piezos in its HipShot bridge. They aren't wired up yet. But here are some new photos. Later I plan to install a buffer for the piezos (of course) and a Bartolini pre-amp.

November 2nd, 2007:

I recently took delivery of the Warmoth parts for my second Warmoth instrument, this time a fretless four-string made of bubinga. See the firs photos.

See high resolution photos of the body and neck, having been oiled, here.

My first Warmoth bass

May 27th, 2006:

I have recently completed assembling my first bass, mainly from Warmoth parts.

Here are some photos of the construction process.

Here are some photos of the finished instrument..

See high resolution photos here.

And here is a sound clip featuring some really old, dead strings, and sloppy technique.