About playing the Drums

March 13th., 2006:

Here is a new page with info on my new Roland electric drum kit.

June 23rd.:

I put up some sound clips of the worship team I have been playing drums in this year. Here they are.

Old pics:

View pictures of my first drumkit

View pictures of other drumkits I have played

View pictures of my temporary drumkit

March 17th.:

Lately (meaning during the last year or so) I have been looking around for various bits of this and that, collecting some small things here and there, with the aim of putting together a more or less complete drum kit. Just as a hobby, sort of, to let me practice my drum skills. I used to be a drummer, you know, back in the early 90's, but I gave it up more or less when I started playing bass. But I miss playing drums, I like it a lot -- and so I had to put this together.
Ever after seeing Terry Bozzio playing with Missing Persons, I knew I wanted a roto tom kit. So I was lucky enough to score a set of genuine chrome Remo Roto Toms from the eighties, and so...

Pictures of the first version of my Roto kit.

Pictures of the second version of my Roto kit.

Pictures of the third version of my Roto kit.

Pictures of the fourth version of my Roto kit.

Pictures of the fifth version of my Roto kit.

Some of the kits above contains pieces that my good friend Magnar Helland lent me.

I still haven't finished this page. Wait for it.