Helland Music Technology

My small business

Started March 2000. A channel for me to exercise my skills and knowledge about electronics and technology in the context of music and multimedia.

A soldering guide.

Stuff I've built

The What compressor pedal, original by David B. Thomas.

My pedalboard

The FS-1 Frequency Shifter by Jürgen Haible

The Quadra Phaser by Jürgen Haible

Electro-Harmonix Bass µsynth clone

Digital Reverb

Great Cheddar distortion box

Pictures of a translation rig I made to YWAM Borgen

My first attempt at building a camera crane

The lost Nebulus web pages (nice sounds)

The Synharmonium page

Stuff I've serviced

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak synthesizer

A Korg CX-3 organ (old type)

Mesa/Boogie Quad Preamp

Pictures of a nice Panasonic f-10 system video camera