Electro-Harmonix Bass µsynth clone


Sound clip (mp3 file, 1.3 MB)

It was the year 1999 (or perhaps 1998, I am not sure) and there wasn't a reissue Bass µsynth available yet. I came across the schematics of the original product, studied them, and figured that this'd be an interesting building project. Now, I had never heard the original unit, but I could imagine how it would sound: from the schematics I could see that it had a square wave shaper, a sub-octave divider, a full-wave rectifier for the octave up; and a nice envelope controlled VCF (among other things). So I built it. And it sounded nice.

In 2000, before I went to Ålesund to do my DTS, I put it into a somewhat crappy rack enclosure and left it in the care of a guitar playing friend of mine who liked it. Recently (September 13th, 2005) I was able to borrow it to snap some photos of it and record some sound clips. Enjoy!