The Japan Video

August 28th, 2005:

At last the Japan outreach video is available online! It is in four parts:
Part One - 42.8MB Quicktime mpeg-4
Part Two - 48MB Quicktime mpeg-4
Part Three (song) - 10.2MB Quicktime mpeg-4
Part Four (Birdland) - 19.8MB Quicktime mpeg-4
All were originally presented as a continued three-part video: the first part (10 minutes) was quite intenst, the second part (another 10 minutes) was more slow, and ended with a long dark picture; leading into the somewhat hidden part three which was the two musical pieces. This was my first-ever video edit, and most of the footage was shot by me. The Nikko stuff was shot mostly by Ingrid, and the Disneyland stuff by Anne-Britt. Shot with Sven's Panasonic DV camera, edited on his G3 iMac with iMovie. It was presented at ESC before we left Iwaki, and also when we got home in Ålesund.