The Warr guitar


Early in the year 2000 I picked up this Warr guitar second hand from a guy here in Norway. I had originally planned to get a Chapman Bass Stick, but then I got this instead - the two are much the same in functionality. It is an instrument designed for two-handed tapping, it has eight strings normally tuned B E A D G C F Bb and rather tight string spacing. It is very nice and good sounding and very versatile. It is however not easy to play traditional style bass on it, due to the tight string spacing. So two years later I sold it, partially because it wasn't being used as much as it deserved, and partially because I needed to finance the outreach trip to Romania.

The instrument is made with a bolt-on five-piece Maple / Rosewood (?) neck on a Zebrawood body. Fingerboard is Rosewood and it has a headstock cap matching the body wood. The pickups are custom Bartolinis with active electronics: bass, mid and treble plus a three way mid frequency selector; and two pickup selector switches (one for each group of four strings). The tuning machines are locking Sperzel model. The bridge is a custom Warr bridge.