Links to other web sites

As of August 8th, 2005:

My complete Safari Bookmarks! Exported directly. Enjoy! And feel free to report broken links. Last update September 25th., 2008.

Direct links:

The website of my friend Andy Long.

AbbyShot Custom Clothiers. They made my coats. - buy CDs.

The Layout Reservoir - learn CSS.

ChurchBass mailing list.

My friend artist Anneli Holmgren in Oregon.

Long-time friend - songwriter Renate Solberg.

Nkanyiso Ncube - video geek friend in South Africa.

My DTS buddy Svein Kristian has a new site.

Brother Roy's blog. Norwegian.

Margrethe Hauge's blog. She's an artist.

Smak Og Se

Lasse Voss - a good friend from YWAM Ålesund.

Kristabai's site - I thought she was a dancer?

Eero Taina also has his own web page.

Ragnhild & Jan Huse - amazing folks!

Byron A. - get a load of his profound lyrics, I dare you.

florescence? reverie? That's Anne-Britt. Or her blog.