The Maren worship team 2004

A worship team I was in, we didn't really have a name so we were referred to as the Maren team: Maren was the leader and piano player, Clint on bass, Andy on guitar, Gunn Rakel on vocals and me on the drum kit.

Here I have made available for your enjoyment a bit of recording made on one of our last gigs. It is a live recording, which means there are enough mistakes; it was recorded directly from the FOH desk, meaning that there's much voice and too little drums; it was recorded on MiniDisk with AGC, meaning that all the dynamics are flat and boring; and now it has been converted to mp3, which means that sound quality is further reduced, but also that the files are much smaller than they might have been (all are between one and two megabytes in size).

Here you go.

01 come.mp3 Come, now is the time

02 reign.mp3 You Reign (Jesus, the Lord of creation)

03 gud.mp3 Gud, din skjønnhet

04 kors.mp3 Jeg vil takke for ditt kors

05 leve.mp3 Jeg vil leve

06 worship.mp3 Heart of worship

07 gi.mp3 Vi vil gi deg ære

08 takk.mp3 Takk for alt

09 create.mp3 Create in me

10 air.mp3 This is the air

11 open.mp3 Open the eyes